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Given both the small footprint of the existing apartment and the quite high number of desired functions that should be fitted inside of it, we thought the most logical solution would be to draw a line between the convertible and non-convertible areas. So for the starting point of the concept, we decided that the best configuration of the apartment would have the wet and non-convertible areas (the kitchen and the bathroom) positioned next to the eastern wall facing the building's private courtyard, using the rest as the convertible area ,a confortable sized open space, receiving natural light from all four windows and meeting all the owner�s needs ,by transforming itself. In order to achieve this multifunctional space ,we came up with a mobile modular piece of furniture that can be retracted from the apartment�s entrance wall, providing a degree of privacy  that is needed for the 2 guests�s space ,and the work space(home office),and another fixed modular piece of furniture,occupying the whole length of the opposite wall, so that the main area of the apartment could be used entirely, without partitioning,as a clear, bright and generously sized open space.


The main area of the apartment is a convertible room,by using smart space saving furniture systems, combined with the mobility of the modular piece on the entrance wall.

The furniture modules fixed on the south wall of the apartment contains storage space for the 12 dining chairs , clothing  and other personal things ,an Atoll 202 sofa for the lounge area, with a wall queen size bed behind it, that can easily transform the lounge area into a bedroom, and also a built-in wall folding side sofa at the right of the sofa/wall bed that can complete the lounge area when is needed. The coffee table and the other 2 extra stools  for the lounge can also be hidden in the furniture modules behind them. Basicly, that features permit this space to be used, one at the time, as a lounge area for 8 people, a dining area for 12 people, or  a simple bedroom for 2 people.

The mobile furniture module can be positioned on the entrance wall,in order to permit a bigger area for living, dinining or bedroom activities,or it can be moved horizontally towards the central area, with  a system of double tracks, built on the surface of the floor and the ceiling as well. This mobile module  has two sides: on the one facing the apartment�s living area there is a  folding dinner table for 12 people built-in, with a folding system that consists of two boards with pliable metallic legs on the interior side, dining storage ,an empty rectangular space for the rotating 31� monitor(that can be also used  as a computer screen from the  office area, when the mobile module is moved) and more storage drawers.

Also there is a thinbike slot behind the folding dining table that can be accesed from the entrance area.


The other side can be accesed when the module is moved horizontaly towards the center of the room, and contains  built-in retractable bunk beds for the the 2 guests, and sliding doors that can close the guest area, providing them privacy ,and also a retractable desk for the home office area, that can also be closed with sliding doors, offering visual and auditory privacy.

The living/bedroom area can be closed as well with sliding doors( positioned in the fixed south furniture wall),in order to offer  privacy/separation from  the guests, in the situation of using the bathroom.


Positioned  near the entrance, oriented to the private courtyard ,the kitchen contains a  front positioned on the entrance wall ,having an electrical oven, an induction cook top with a built-in  hood on top ,with a storage space  above it, a tall storage space for drinks, an electrical  dishwasher and a fridge on top;

also there is a large drawer at the lower side ,for storing shoes,  that is accessible from the entrance area.

The other  kitchen front is on the opposite side, having  a sink near the window with a trash container and  a compost machine under it, storage drawers, and  a tool cabinet that is accesible from the living area.

The kitchen area is also separated from the living area by a small breakfast bar for two people,.Between the kitchen and the bathroom there is a stridia slot,and a few shelves above it,orientated to the main living space.

Also oriented to the private courtyard, is the bathroom, wich contains  a space for the washbasin with storage space under it ,a cabin for shower and sauna near the window, and a separated room for the toilet, so that the shower/sauna and the watercloset can be used separately at the same time.The bathroom is entered  by a sliding frosted glass door that allows the natural light to enter the main living area.

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