the tree house


i called the evolution of this project "tree house" and also this tree, as any other tree, is bringing nourishment to the system.
It consists in a raised platform and branches, all rusted metal (copper lookalike)  that contain every pipe and tube like water, drainage, heating, etc. necessary for the functioning of the apartment.
The raised platform is the kitchen, the tree branches are containing the bathroom (wet area, the toilet is separate) and a dropped ceiling above can be added if air conditioning is required.
All the part of the tree are operable with doors for inspection or simply unscrewing bolts. In this way maintance is simplified and non invasive at all. It's simple and efficient, no breaking walls or floors.
Furniture is exactly like I have already suggested in the other project that I have proposed for this competition: which means always multifunctional and easy to be stored away when not in use.
Well, I am sorry I won't be able to continue this project, but I want to thank you all for suggestions and ideas. Good look everybody

My previous idea led me to a decision to be taken: wether to consider the central core  a system of moving cabinets (casa girandola) or fixed.
Here I am trying  to explore also this second possibility, still keeping in mind what to me are the keywords of the project:
- total flexibility of the space. Keeping most of the space free from bulky walls except the bare minimum
- Organize the central void around a "full" built in cabinet system
- trying to get some privacy even in case of guests
-minimum fixed furniture pieces (sofas, beds, tables...) these are things that are hidden somehow or have an alternative use.

As you can see I am also working on a system of shutters similar to the ones that you find in garages and shops or even airport hangars. When it's up it's like a panels on the ceiling, maybe perforated so light can filter through, when it's down it allows the separation between owner and guests.

The space started to  evolve into something else, so I am enclosing also the plans of the process. The caracol (snail) enclosed, last updated plan, is actually still evolving and at the moment it's morphing into something else. I am working on that. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your attention 

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