[space 39]
Hello! My name is Vladimir. I represent you the project - space 39.


Hello my friends!
Happy New Year!
Excuse that not at once answered your comments. 
I met new year...))) 
Anew I will state all concept. 
I the person lazy, therefore carefully think over apartment functions...)) But not only therefore. Save time! Is my motto. 
The basic idea of the project is creation of multipurpose space by means of two partitions. 3 minutes, 3 movements and the apartment accepts any function. Quickly, conveniently, beautifully. 
Always... Simultaneously... 2 functions are accessible.... We have dinner in the big company, and someone can sit on a sofa.... That where it is not cleaned for ever... What for?.... What for the naked apartment without furniture is necessary? What in it to do? To dance?... Please.... Move apart partitions, remove a journal table... Also dance. And if were tired, can sit down on a soft, convenient sofa and put a glass from whisky on a little table.... Quickly, conveniently, beautifully....
PS: I am sorry for my English....)))