This designs incorporates creativity and style in a tranquile environment where size doesn't matter.


This design considers amongst other foccus: space, privacy, resources, the environment and lifestyle.

We have looked at a semi-open plan style with lots of cupboards to fit all the assets and equipment in the apartment. The lounge is complex, allowing the apartment to get the maximum air needed to keep it in its good shape. This encourages the tenants to always want little as the best. we have also set a lot of windows to allow equal distribution of air and heat inside the apartment. When it's cold or fresh, the apartment can easily he heated with too little energy as the heat is fairly distributed. If it's hot, it can get cooled easily, too.

The apartment has a multi-purpose balcony, that can even be used as an office or spare room. The developer may also decide not to include the balcony and the apartment still maintains its shape and beauty and even price!

The bathroom is unique and adorned with a professional stylistic touch. A kind to have!  Privacy hasn't been forgotten. A unique style of dividing is conceived. Two entrances into the bedroom can be seen, adjacent to the dining and the living room. At a touch of a button, there are rolling wooden doors that come down to close the open spaces.