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The aim of this project is to offer as much free space as possible, allowing a peaceful and easy life in it. 
The appartment is organized in 2 halfs. The first one includes the entrance area (with guest accomodation), the bathroom and the kitchen. The second one is the MAIN ROOM, which can be separated from the first one by a sliding door. Main storage is always located in optimized furniture along the walls with no windows. Secondary storage take place everywhere else (no space is waisted). Isolation includes also window jambs, so the energy losses are significantly reduced. 
Switching from one activity to the next one is very simple: folding or unfold the bed structure, moving a table or sliding a door. Each activity takes place in a different corner and has its own personality and flexibility. The working area can be quickly converted into a home cinema or into part of a crowded dining room; the kitchen is fully equiped and functional, with standard sizes and elements; the entrance hides two individual beds for guests in its ceiling; the shower can be used as a steam room...
Just have a look at the drawings and please add as many comments as you wish!
Further information, technical despcriptions, drawings and maybe some views will come in 2011!

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