To me what makes a design survive the passage of time is functionality much more so that aesthetic.


1.CENTRAL FIXTURE: Made out of MDF, the central fixture houses; Storage space above, a projection screen, a dinner/ work table for 12 people, a bookshelf under the table, a hanger closet, drawers, adjustable shelves on both the kitchen and office side and a black board face that has a metal backing so it can also work as a magnet holder.

2.KITCHEN FIXTURE: Made out of water resistant MDF, the kitchen fixture houses; An electric stove, an electric oven/ microwave, a 24� under the counter refrigerator with face to match fixture, a 24� under the counter freezer with face to match fixture, a under the counter 18� dishwasher with face to match fixture, enough counter space for any other over the counter appliance, recycling and composting under the sink,  black board back splash,  two large pantry closets, storage space above, a large sink with water filter, and two rolling gates to close of the kitchen countertop area.

3.SPACE SAVERS FROM RESOURCE FURNITURE: One Atoll 202 (one queen size bed) with shelving and a lollipop in (two bunk beds).

4.OFFICE FIXTURE: Closet with space below for tool cart, storage for foldable bike, work desk with exercise ball as chair.

5.WINDOW HYDROPONIC URBAN FARM: See; http://www.windowfarms.org/

6.BATHROOM: Shower/ steam bath, closet, low flow toilet, sunlight lamp, sink and mirror.