Push & Play
"Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose."


The concept for this

apartment is based on simplicity.  Through the work process many questions occurred

about keeping the space open and lit by natural light while keeping in mind all

the requirements asked. The decision was to create unique, but also easy to be

replicated in similar small apartments solution � using Resource Furniture

space savers and creating some new pieces, minimizing the number of furniture,

maximizing the usage and optimizing the cost and time for finishing the new

home and let the owner enjoy it.

 Short description:

It is located just next to the apartment entrance, on the right side. It is small, practical and can be hidden anytime by just pulling up and rotating the cover kitchen top over it. It is installed between the kitchen and the wall.  This way it is hiding the sink and the induction cook-top and gives a wide and clean surface. The kitchen now can be used as additional workstation, buffet table for parties, etc. The main advantage of hiding the kitchen this way is that the daylight coming from the window is not stopped and gives feeling of a larger open space living room. The kitchen itself is built over a podium, which contains drawers for storing shoes, tools and donations.  This podium can be used also as area to do minor in-home repairs, bike maintenance, etc. or for sitting by just adding some cushions.

Living room/Bedroom
The Resource furniture�s Atol 202 is the perfect solution in this case, offering both comfortable lounge and a queen size bed, ideally raised off the floor.  As a compliment I developed some new space savers which serve as ottoman with storage, coffee tables, nightstands and benches for dining.  Put all together they are a very compact group.  They are equipped with wheels for being easily moved. The entertainment and Telepresence center, including the 31� monitor are built in a specially designed push/pull module opposite the Atol 202 composition.  This is a multipurpose module, which serves as a moving partition wall and divides the main space into two rooms, with some visual and ideally auditory privacy.

Home office/Guest room
Just by a simple push of the multipurpose module towards the middle of the room a new space is formed, lit by natural daylight and street life inspiration. The wide office worktop drops down and offers a wide and clean work surface.  On the right side of the monitor is the office storage for the chair, computer, desk lamp, files, etc. On the opposite wall is installed Resource furniture�s Lollipop SD for 2 guests sleep over.  The space gives visual and ideally auditory privacy for them.  It is also located close to the apartment�s bathroom.

Dining for 12 guests
This requirement is met by combining the Goliath table and the transformable coffee tables into benches for two. Using T1, T2 and T3 I reduce the needed number of chairs to 6, which reduces storage space in the apartment.

The process continues� :)