Use all main house functions simultaneously or assign the entire space to one task



furniture/apartments where the main inspiration for this proposal. That can be

seen in the usage of moving doors/cabinets and foldable furniture.

Approach: there is an important assumption that all the main house functions may be used simultaneously. That is, sleeping, working, lounging, bathing and cooking are activities that can be coincident in the apartment with particular configurations of moving doors and closets. The opposite is also possible: the entire apartment space can be assigned to only one of the defined brief tasks, whether it is a dinner, a business meeting or a small party.

White is dominant in the apartments color´s palette. Beyond the apparent white skin, a code of colors customizes each different house function, without overwhelming the white wall´s strength. The natural bamboo flooring contrasts with the white walls skin, giving a warmer touch to the apartment. It runs through all spaces, bathroom included.

There are no steps or different levels inside the apartment, making it 100% �roombable� and �scoobable�, including the shower´s wet floor.


Solid strip bamboo flooring, vertical grain, natural (plank dimensions: 72 4/5" x 3 4/5 x 9/16")

Bamboo plywood kitchen countertop, vertical grain, carbonized

Thermal and acoustic insulation: Cel-pak cellulose blown-in insulation (3.8� thick, on both exterior walls)

Recycled Content Drywall (exterior walls, ceilings, kitchen/bathroom walls)

Low formaldehyde (E0 grade) MDF, powder coated with VOC free/low paint. Water based polyurethane finish.

Color palette:

Room units/wall´s/ceiling � light white (mineral pigment)

Kitchen units - medium natural umber, lc32.141. (mineral pigment)

Bedroom units - ultramarine blue 1, lc32.020. (mineral pigment)

Home office units - medium green , lc32.051. (mineral pigment)

Bathroom - orange mosaic glass tiles (3/4� x 3/4�). Applied on all walls and shower/steam room wet floor.


Hardwood windows, natural finish inside, with water based polyurethane coat. Respecting the buildings stereotomy.

Ecoveil Shadecloth - transparent sunscreen with ceiling pocket. 1351 White color. Applied on all four exterior windows.

MDF sliding shutters, ceiling mounted. Applied on main façade windows.

Compact heat recovery unit (18,43� x 17,25� x 10,15�) model SH704, with wall mounted central control EDF-5


W+W multi tasking sink (wash basin + water closet) with Singles-Pro basin mixer

Citterio Showerpipe with 50% water saving and soft aerated functions

Frameless tempered glass door with inox pivot patches

Solid wet floor, trimmed to fit, model PCTF1. Mosaic glass tiles finishing

Wall mounted hardwood seat, collapsible


15� Induction cooktop, model CT-15L/S (21� x 15�)

Built-in wall microwave 24�, model MWD24 + built-in oven 24�, model OB24SDPX

Norcool drawer fridge (31,3� x 32,28� x 22,24�)

Integrated 24� dishwasher

Undermount sink, model KBX110-13 (13� 3/8 x 15� ¾ x 7 7/8�)


Ulisse queen bed, vertical tilting

Doc sofa (bunk beds)

Custom table + folding table, in E0 grade MDF with wood face. Water based polyurethane finish.

Ciak foldable chair, solid cherry with wood joinery. 12 units

Cruiser easy chair, collapsable. 5 units

Vintage Soft Pad chair. 1 unit

Amina in-wall loudspeakers. 4-6 units (kitchen+bathroom included)

Lighting: Recessed luminaire for ceiling, down in-line 76 single, LED. 24 units.

Ceiling mounted LED luminaire. 8 units

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