5 IN 1
• sufficient space • duplicatable • renovation • modern • contract •comfortable


� sufficient space-- capacious view for living room, masterbedroom, office.
                             full functional kitchen. eco-friendly bathroom with
                             steam room. huge storage spaces. 
� duplicatable-- easy to make dream home come ture with resource furniture and
                       self-made furniture and storages.
� renovation--1. hanging on the ceiling slide rail could have a 360 degree view
                          enjoy watching TV from living room, bedroom and office.
                    2. Folding slide wall provide private space. It also hides like a closet  
                          door when folding against the wall.
                    3. closets and shelves function as walls to separate spaces.
                    4. eco-friendly materials & energy conserving bathroom system.
 � contract-- black and white color, make the space into a modern and cool world
 � comfortable--eventhough when the sliding wall is closed,  the master bedroom is big enough to move around. It is what I am willing to create--a comfortable place to live, rest, and have fun!!

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