light apartment
light apartment


The submitted proposal is developed starting from a few simple ideas combined with the functional requirements of the design brief and the basic layout of the space in which all takes place.

- An open space, free of objects and full of light. (free natural ventilation as well)

- The use of eco friendly recyclable materials

The apartment is isolated on 3 sides ( on the 4-th the whole wall is doubled by furniture ) + ceiling by a thermo and phonic insulation made from wood wool panels 3 and 5 cm in thickness painted white ( Heraklith - Knauf isolation or similar product ). The material is eco friendly, wood based climate regulating and emission free in addition to its very good phono absorbent qualities.

The flooring we proposed is industrial parquet which in addition to its elegance and small components scale that is adequate for a compact space can also be made out of recycled and reused flooring elements.

The suspended ceiling and the few walls and pipe coverings are plasterboard painted white.

The bathroom partitions are made of glass - which is recyclable and contributes to the lightness of the design, being permeable to the light.

The rolled partition screens and window shades made of textile materials.

- A small as possible footprint of the interior elements that could make all activities possible while hiding all unwanted objects.

The interior furniture pieces we designed are a combination between existing commercial systems ( space saver beds for example ) and unique custom made design all in a very simple looking, clear and feasible furniture that aims to be cost effective too� The mechanical parts are kept to a minimum.

- In relation with the above mentioned - the possibility of using the same object for several uses

( in this case the cushion seats used for the lounge area also serve as seats for the dining table.

dining table is modular and when not used is raised at its ceiling position serving as a central lamp.)

- The heating solution we proposed uses 4 electric eco panel heaters (uses 73% less electricity and save up to 50% on the conventional heating cost). Alternatively the central hot water system can be maintained and used with slimmer, cleaner panels.

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