Habitat Hugger
Low Tech High Function Realistic Jewel Box


I took the approach that a �transformative� design does not necessarily mean it needs to be robotic or complicated. Sustainability requires that there is a sensible, easy to use and not easy to break aspect to a design. This entry has far less "moving parts" but is nonetheless adaptive and transformative to suit Graham's stated needs. The design invokes something that is not meant to be delicate or disposable. The apartment uses typical wall construction as a base, which creates stability and strength as a backdrop to furniture and millwork that aid in the transformative aspects. The idea is that transformation is manual. It would be, in a sense, low tech but high function. Given this design approach, I thought it made sense to hand build a scale model for my presentation. I found this method of design to be not only congruent to the idea, but it allowed me to not design the space only for presentation purposes. As an architect myself, I have learned over the years not to get stuck in a purely computer rendering mindset.
Every space is designed to be multi-functional with the exception of the bedroom. I made an assumption that Graham might enjoy a permanent bed and sanctuary. The home office houses a guest bed. The entry space houses bike storage, bench and coat hooks, recycle center, and a  magnetic chalk board for ideas, calendars, drawings, reminders. The bathroom has an enlarged shower that is also a steam room. The main multifunctional space has a hide-able kitchen with a roll down door, long bench seating with continuous storage underneath, built in hide-able Telepresence center, In wall speakers, ventless fireplace, rolling tool cabinet niche, living wall for air purification, and contains a permanent light metal grid structure attached to the ceiling that has it's own multi-functional set of possibilities. This metal structure can hold the slatted wood table tops with folding legs that can be brought down as needed. Having a metal ceiling grid can allow for practical uses like storage, but can also provide an opportunity for more creative uses such as swing chairs, hammocks, bike lift, etc. as seen in one of they slides.
The design is relatively low cost due to the standard wall construction, the simplicity of the multi-functionalism, and because the existing radiators and plumbing risers have been maintained. The bathroom fixtures have been considered and use the existing waste riser without alteration. The apartment can be made ADA adaptable, should that ever be an issue, by a simple slight enlargement of the bathroom.
The aspect that can be utilized in other future apartments, aside from the basic approach, is the ceiling structure. The ceiling is often the most under-utilized plane in a space. The materials, as seen in the last slides, are eco-friendly and sustainable.
Thank you for this opportunity- it's been great to see all the work posted. Best of luck!