One world, One life, One apartment, One Revolution. A Concept design to change living forever.


My concept was created by understanding that there is the outside world, with  nature in all of its glory, the inside world where we live, with design and all of its creation and the walls, which ALWAYS seperate both spaces. I wanted to break the barriers that seperate both beautiful spaces, and unite them. With wood as a main material focus in this apartment, I tried to avoid the look of "artificial" life. I choose bamboo flooring because of its excellent life cycle and sustainable features. A big benefit with this flooring is the building science behind it; I incorporated in-floor heating to save energy.

A important feature in modern design is its simplicity, but I feel that takes away from a persons personality. I wanted to incorporate my creativity in this modern apartment, since one of the goals was to make this apartment design a place where people feel happy in 20 years from now.