420ft ² in New York City, a small area in a giant city.



Living in a reality: a small-scale area that is easily flexible according to the needs of the living. 420ft ² in New York City, a small area in a giant city, is an issue that tends to become universal and finds solutions in the quality and functionality of its spaces. The LIFE project aims to respond to this issue by actually taking a particular care of the quality of life.

Central Area / Entry

The hall space gives onto the center of the room to add depth and make one feel the intensity of the place. A closet provides storage space for coats and shoes. The shelves are used for decoration or the storage of beautiful objects. At the rear, between the wall and the closet, is the Thinbike. The smaller closet makes a good storage for the Strida bike.

The central area is well-lit by the natural light coming from the office, kitchen and bedroom windows, according to the proposed configurations. This area provides access to the different rooms of the apartment and opens and closes with the moving partition.

Mobile partition

The mobile partition makes it easy to change the configuration of the apartment according to the needs of its occupants. It consists of four wooden panels connected by hinges which are fixed on two rails (top and bottom) which allow a handling similar to that of a sliding door.

Three main configurations are possible:

- Open the central area.

- Close the kitchen and keep the living room / bedroom open.

- Close the living room / bedroom and keep the kitchen open.

One panel used for this partition has the ability to flip and be used to extend the dining room table to accommodate twelve guests.


You can access the bathroom by a sliding door close to the entrance. It is functional and compact and a fixed partition separates the privacy of the toilet area. Two benches, one in front of the sink and one in the shower can be used to enjoy some relaxation time or to enjoy the sauna that has been built into the shower. Waterproof storage units have been slid under the bench to save maximum space.


The kitchen is hideable behind the flexible partition. It consists of three worktops in which we have inserted the different needed function you need: induction cooker, oven / microwave, sink, dishwasher, small fridge and waste bins for recycling and composting.

The induction cooker is hideable in the work plan to make it bigger when needed and therefore more functional.

With the shift of the fixed partition, the space of the kitchen opens onto the central area to open to perspectives and create an impression of depth.

Salon / Room 1

The living room and the bedroom are, in turn, sharing the same area. With the Space Saver Furniture Resource concept bed, it is possible to free the floor�s space using the wall as a storage. One of the two sofas is stowed under the bed in the bedroom and the second under the floor of the office. Thus, it is possible to convert the whole space while retaining plenty of storage space along the wall.

The fixed partition is shifted to open up space on the center of the apartment. On this same wall are integrated storage space for stereo equipment and TV.

Office / Room 2

The office is an intimate space elevated so its function best differentiate from the rest of the apartment. A workspace in front of the window allows you to enjoy the natural light and set up the recommended hardware. On the right side of the desk, a small door opens to the living room to enjoy the computer monitor from the sofa or the bed.

Entering the office, some storage units are integrated into the stairs and under the shelf that is used as a guardrail. The xxx is stored there as well as extra chairs for guests.

The office is convertible into a guest room thanks to a hidden bed placed under the floor.

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