Designing means creating spaces. The light is the first instrument.


I tried to project myself in the apartament and think how I would have to live if I had the chance.
Designing means creating spaces. The light is the first instrument.
Natural lights from both sides of the apartments so i tried to not to close the yard side with panels.
So, I maximed the quantity of light coming from the street side, choosing not to insert any panel to divide the space, and maximed the lights from the bigger window from the yard side, and keeping the small one for the bathroom, but allowing the enter of the lights through a glass of around 30 cm above the wall of the kitchen.
I decided to put the home office space near the bigger of the windows of the yard side of the apartment to prvent noise from Sullivan St. and to create a corner always open for work at any hours...creativity doesn't have limited hours!
For the storage spaces i create a space on the right side of the entrance
where to put the bike and other stuff, and lots of cabinets around the apartment.
I used to model from Resource Furniture for the beds of Graham and guest one with sofà and the other with nothing but the bed.
I thought about the kitchen how a heart point of the apartment near the lounge spaces where to cook and create cocktail for friends and social occasion, so the kithcen is not hidden in the back but directly faces the Sullivan St. side of the apartment.
Folded glass panel should hidden the kitchen when it's not necessary.
The Sullivan St. side consist of storage on the wall, two models of RF bed/space savers and the Goliath table, that can go from 2 to 12 places in few seconds, creating various kind of situations for the day time, lounge spaces, dinner/lunch space.
The chairs were the Ciak chars from RF.
For the night, I choose to insert a curtains in the ceiling hidden in a wall near the kitchen to divide the night spaces of Graham with the guest space.
I don't have much practice with the you can see...I used the sketch-up and cad to design the projects and tried a few views with sketch-up.
The red wall doesn't have any meaning but brings some colours inside the apartment. And also the two walls, except the yard and sullivan st. side, are painted black to contrast with the white colours furniture

Thanks for your attention and forgive me for language... and others errors.

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