This project permit have a very comfortable live in a very small place where his owner can do his normal and daily life as a single and where he can invite friends for diner. Also he has a place for their hobbies, like bicycles and the stream room. And he has a desk for put their computers so he can work at home.

This project also satisfy his environmental requirements using ecological, recycled and recyclable materials in the construction like Timbor, that is a 90% recycled polystyrene for doors and panels, ecological fabrics, drywall panels made with recycled paper.. etc.

Also this apartment will be a very low electrical consumption because we have selected the appliances depending on their environmental behavior. Also we want to use the drafts created between two sides of the apartment for refresh in summer so we can reduce considerably the expense in air conditioning. The water expense will be reduced because the plumbing fixtures and the WC have a constrainer of flow that save a lot of liters of water.

Other important point in the briefing is to have a space to separate the residues for recycle them. This will be placed in a cupboard near to the kitchen, where also will be the composting machine.

The project consists in a box where the bathroom, stream room, kitchen, bicycles, office and closet there are. This box allows articulating the space depending of the moment and the needs of the owner. If he wants to work he can extract of the box his office, if he is tired he has a queen size bed in the wall or if their friends came for diner they have a big table hung of the ceiling. Also the modular sofa allows to sit comfortably 8 people and they can separate the modules if it was necessary.