Frames of Life Unedited
The Frames of Life Unedited is a design toward a simple, beautiful, sustainable convertible apartmen


The Frames of Life Unedited is a design toward a simple, beautiful, sustainable convertible apartment in New York City. The concept employs a Perimeter Frame that contains all of the Apartment Functions. The Fame is clad in FSC Certified veneer on wheat grass panel cabinets. The walls are convertible by folding and rotating creating variety, privacy and multi-functionality. The use of the Resource Furniture Space Saver Ito Bed is integrated into the Frame Wall. Benches become �doors� for the bar and server in the Wall. Removing the benches �opens� the bar. Three table �halves� remain always available and stacked on top are three more table units. Combining the benches and tables sets the large 12 person table. The movable table halves and benches make multiple office configurations possible. The bed areas can be made private by rotating and folding wall and by sliding acoustic privacy curtains. The toilet is enclosed in a reverse door that allows for the window to remain open in the space and being closed when the toilet room is in use. The toilet and shower / steam room share the same space to minimize its footprint. The Kitchen is divided into two areas. One side is open for easy access to the refrigerator; the other side is enclosed in a large pivoting / rotating china cabinet. This cabinet is built with polycarbonate which allows for light to filter through making a glowing and colorful display of the glassware. Floors are reclaimed hardwood and recycled glass tile. The ceiling is made of acoustic panels. The windows have mirror panels on the sides which aid in projecting light into the room. Plant shelves are used for shading. Additional mirrors are strategically placed to create �framed� views and spatial continuity and openness. The tele-presence / TV / Computer system is housed in the rotating bed frame wall allowing multiple spatial options for its use. Continuous perimeter LED uplight fixture on top of the perimeter frame cabinet. Additional amenities provide storage for bicycles behind the frame at the entry, an entry mat, shoe storage with a retractable bench shelf, lockable storage unit, rolling tool cart below the office table and an additional option of a bunk bed over the office table.

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