House clock
The movable wall moves like clock hands to offer, to arrange, to add, to remove and to divide the sp


The clock marks the hours.
The movable wall hinged to the center of the small apartment organize space according to use and necessity.
In your life you need more working space or more space and more possibilities to relax?

In your house you need more space for living room to accommodate many friend around a table drinking a good glass of red wine, or you need more space to sleep in a very confortable bed?
The movable wall moves like clock hands to offer, to arrange, to add, to remove and to divide the space.

 The blocking of services: cupboards, bathroom and kitchen, opening onto the courtyard, while the area devoted to work, at night and the hospitality it gravitates around the movable wall. Both spaces are organized according to the standard and Italian style with refined furnishings and innovative. The table, divided by three shares each hinged offers for work, different locations for lunch, the choice of rectangular or square based on the number of persons staying. The sofa, however, quickly turns into a comfortable chaise longue or in bed.

 The movable wall has a lightweight steel and is hinged to a central pillar in steel cladding on the two sides in polycarbonate. Within two sliding doors in white wood that fit in the ceiling at right angles to the walls of the area.

 The living room floor is wooden, industrial, while in the bathroom and the kitchen has taken a large-size ceramic.
The walls are covered with gypsum board area of isolated or left natural and painted white.
The plaster ceiling is painted white.
The coatings of bathroom and kitchen are in sheets of glass laminated, 5/1/5, milky white color.

 The window of the living room over looking the Sallivan Street as projecting bay bow-window to improve the light and get a small garden, on the rear with access from the bathroom, a balcony of service in grid iron railings and opaque glass, hides the view of the backyard left .

 The furnishings are carefully chosen:
Plia chair (designed by Giancarlo Piretti) Castelli (vertical fold and are packaged in the closet)
Tattomi · Sofa (designed by Jan and Armgardt Jngo Maurer) de 'Padova (armchair, chaise longue and read)
Deja'vu stool (designed by Naoto Fukasawa) Magis
Kitchen Artematica Valcucine
Oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, hotplate AEG
Sink dip tank and · link Flaminia
taps Cisal
spotlight Flos
Wardrobe, table hinged, book designed by the architect.

PS: Who has forgotten the coffee pot?


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