Changing box
One single element to satisfy the owner and his guest and living the space in a different way


In order to satisfy all the necessities of the owner, the idea is based around a single element which, changing shape through turning walls, permits to have different spaces with different functions. Infact while kitchen and bathroom are the only fixed ambients, the rest of the flat changes aspect everytime the owner needs a specific function but, most importatnt thing, without renouncing to his own privacy, both when he works and when he sleeps.
So guests can live in the apartment but without feel as the were just in the middle bothering the owner.
Also the seats of the lounge zone are removable and the disposition can change everytime. When the flexible table of the dinner zone is open, the seats are put under of it becoming the support and when the dinner is finished, just few movements and the lounge zone (or the guest zone) is already ready!
In the CHANGING BOX there are also differents spaces and drawner for storaging stuff and clothes.
The finiture used is wood, a natural and ecologic material, white lacquered for almost his totality and with the "LifeEdited" green, as a homage for the contest. (by the way is also a nice color! ).
So, CHANGING BOX and changing space...for a life less ordinary!