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NUMBER OF LOUNGE SEATING ELEMENTS (before 2 angular and 7 middle modules, in update 2 angular and 6 middle modules)

This new idea sparked from my first submission here posted, New Opening; consequently the main starting points are:

- A modern classic look of which one never tires;
- New York's stylish and cool art/photo galleries;
- Characterization of space;
- A sofa always available for resting after a long day's work;
- Homey space for lounging with friends;
- Flexibility

Whilst in New Opening I created two different spaces, in Next Nest I squeezed all storage next to kitchen and bathroom in order to obtain one big living room, flexible and adjustable to different situations. Thus between living space and service space (kitchen and bathroom) everything that serves the first (living) and the latter (kitchen and bathroom) is stored and easily available.
I tried to make the passage from lounging-relazing to sleeping a real simple and effortless one: I want to encourage the owner in making this swith every day, as so to always have a big lounging area in such a small apartment! Nonetheless, as shown, one can leave the bed open without loosing the functionally and usability of the space.

Finishes are minimal to avoid a clutter effect and surfaces are flat and simple for easy cleaning. I also wanted to give the panels that move and create different �rooms� an important role in the characterization of the architectural space, thus a different finish from the rest of the furniture has been chosen.

A second luxury item has been added that I am sure can function with ADEQUATE TECHNICAL AND SAFETY SOLUTIONS: a bio-ethanol fire place that gives the living space a homier feel.

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