the shifting cube


Like my earlier idea, I wanted something dynamic and theatrical, in terms of how we interact with it. This design keeps the idea of a movable box, but plays further on the modular table units i've designed, incorporating them into larger birch ply 'cubes' that hide and reveal their different functions.
By allowing light to pass over and around the cubes, a feeling of openness is suggested, and by pulling back from the walls, views are possible down the full length of each wall of the apartment, again opening the space.
I've used birch ply throughout the space as a compositional device, but with the dual reason that birch is a fairly fast growing, low impact timber. It also has a beautifully subtle texture and feel in its natural form, negating the need for harmful paints and finishes.
As an additional intent, i've also tried to design something that would fit in a variety of different spaces, not just this apartment. I've purposefully left the interior quite blank - real colour and texture comes from what happens within an apartment - the 'fabric' is just there as a canvas to paint on, and i like to leave that freedom and looseness in my designs.

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