Modern Classic
A classic & timeless approach to the Manhattan apartment design.


Utilizing a timeless approach to design, I have created a palette of creativity for the client in the years to come. My plan focuses on accomplishing tasks in the easiest and most efficient way. Everything is straight- and 'to-the-point'.

The entire perimeter of the apartment is insulated with an additional set of interior walls. Heating radiators are hidden within these walls, and their cover screens are made of heat-retaining soapstone, an example of a centuries-old proven technology. With the proper home management configuration, shutoff of radiant heat can be controlled by a switch, and the room will maintain a comfortable temperature for many hours at a time in the cold winter months.

The furniture in the apartment is either custom-made or it is Resource Furniture.  There is only one complex furniture piece in this design (rolling entertainment unit) that needs to be professionally fabricated. Aside from the kitchen cabinets, the rest can be built on the spot (and on a budget too!!). The office chair is specified to be a reclaimed and reupholstered piece, something that the client can find and fall in love with. The desk can be fabricated by any true TreeHugger from his/her choice of materials.

General Idea:
The general idea is that one item can serve multiple purposes. For example, the 31" monitor fulfills all the needs of this small space and is used accordingly for telepresence, office use, and entertainment. Chairs by Naho Matsuno can be used as something to lounge on... etc. Everything is digitized, and everything is simplified. :)

Thanks for looking!!!

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