In this project, I wanted to convey the feeling of flight and air. Clean lines and light, bright sol


I think the current housing must be:

- Spacious

- Bright

- The maximum functional

- Using natural materials

- Technological and economical.

I love to work with LED and fiber optic lighting, and in this project, this type of coverage the best solution.

In this project, three dominant colors:

white - the color of cleanliness and spaciousness

Green - an element of nature that is present in vertical greening on the walls and the facades

Brown - teak wood floor, natural look that does not replace any one material.

For many parts of the furniture used, artificial stone Corian.

Glass partition between the bathroom and central zone is made of smart glass can be transparent and opaque when it is needed.

Area bathroom raised on a podium every inch of which is used as a storage system.

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