Simple and functional
Here is my concept of transformable studio flat.



All furniture, materials and technologies used in this project are off

the shelf, excluding kitchen furniture, steam room and storage units around the

beds which can be ordered from local specialists and produced according to the

client's measurements..

Raised access


·         all plumbing, electrical and other engineering infrastructure is hidden, but accessible

·         provides additional acoustic and thermal insulation

·         made from 70% recycling materials

Operable acoustic walls:

·         provide full visual and acoustic privacy

·         extremely durable

·         fully bespoke styles

·         each room has its own entrance door

Suspended ceiling:

·  hides fire, security alarm  cables and ventilation system

·  hides tracks for operable walls and media center

·  acoustic and thermal insulation

Volume of storage space:  approx. 500 cubic feet


·         Media center uses the same ceiling rail system as the operable walls , and can be positioned according to the situation.

·         Cisco ?mi Telepresence can be moved using the same ceiling rails system as the operable walls.

·         Roca W+W combined Wash basin and water closet provid sustainable and economic solution for bathroom.

·         Combined shower/steam room uses commercial steam generator and fitted with steam massage shower.

·         Extending dining table from skovby can be used in 3 modes (for 4, 8, 12 persons).

·         Loungers from B&B Italia

·         Unused folding chairs can be stored in the compartment above the steam room.


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