150 Sullivan
The idea behind this solution was to allow a maximum amt. of open space + let daylight filter thru.


With such a small footprint, this apartment layout thrives on an open plan, free of partitions that would chop it up.  I wanted to maximize the space and use strategies to keep it feeling larger than it actually is.

The only necessary walls remain for the bathroom, and even these are glass which allows light from all windows to enter the space throughout the day.  The bathroom walls are SPD Smart glass (http://www.smartglassinternational.com/technical/spd-smartglass/) which uses a small electric voltage to change the light transmission and turn the glass from translucent to opaque.

In the kitchen, Moove 02 (http://www.florida.it/Kitchens/Moove/product.php?product_id=41) allows appliances to become hideable and acts as a space saver when one is not cooking.  The Bosch Instant Dishwasher (http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/07/05/not-your-typical-dishwasher/) is a minimal appliance, perfect for compact spaces.  Visible only from the surface, a panel slides open to reveal a basket in which to place dishware, etc. for a quick wash.  It is ideal for a regular single user and frees kitchen space.

In the bathroom, the Toto Aquia Dual Flush toilet saves on energy and water use.  All plumbing/piping and radiator units have remained untouched, to cut down on contruction costs.

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