A completely systematic room with no furniture. Simple and easy yet satisfies all your needs.


A completely systematic room which does not need any furniture. The project is not about making funiture.  It's about creating a space that can satisfy all the client's needs.  The whole room functions as a furniture as the client uses it. The title is 'NO FURNITURE', but ironically the whole space works as a huge perfect furniture for the client.
 Unlike most transformable furniture, this system enables you to move your desk,  table or even your bed where ever you want. But that doesn't mean you have to move around your stuff everyday. The system allows you to place your daily needed furniture simultaneously. (such as your bed, desk and table) In special occations you can move them around for refreshment or make them disappear and create a huge space. 
  And since there are no furniture inserted inside the wall, we could make the wall super thin. Which allows the space to be  even more spacious. 

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