Human based transformer as sustainable simplified platform for everyday living, working or gathering


Concept is based as Open Space platform for everyone to be involved, and can be defined as non-concept with four elements that determine our use of space in different manner.

�A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape.�
Mark Twain 

Apartment is simple organized and transformable square space. Space is functionally determined visually as a box, consist of three technological different spaces. The biggest space is open and transformable living space, while the other two are fully functional and hidden spaces in specific manner.


Side to side Bamboo closet is divided clothes, wardrobe, sheets and towel storage cabinet 60 cm deep. Integrated: Queen bed , shoe storage, 3 x Multichair storage, 11 x Pick Chair storage,  Schindelhauer Thin Bike, Roomba, etc.


White wall surface is entertainment display for Cisco ?mi Telepresence with  Amina in-wall speakers, the picture is projected from a ceiling attached rotating WiFi projector to the wall or on a 31� Mac Cinema display.

Light movable Bamboo walls are displays, sound barriers and dividers, light and easy to move.

iTransformer is planned with OLED integrated display in white wall and windows together with hologram that projects our friends or colleagues in our room as real persons.

Furniture: Goliath table, 11 x Pick chair, 4 x Multichair by Joe Colombo (lounge sofa), Softshell chair (Graham Hill chair) and Doc-XL sofa.

Kitchen is fully equipped with: 3D sink, induction cook-top, fridge, dishwasher, dishes. On the oposite side is closet with slide-out table as additional work top surface, a juicer, soda water maker, espresso  machine, microwave/oven and smart system for storing non-perishable food.

Bathroom is equipped with W+W Roca (Washbasin + Watercloset), mirror, Hans-Grohe Rain-dance shower system and shower/steam room. Shower room will be used and as a sitting or standing steam room. In the wall will be vertical slim steam machine.

Today will be used wet degradable napkin, paper will not be used for toilets, as we will use other better cleaning solutions as a higher level of intimate hygiene.

Artificial Lights are LED lights on the ceiling and are controlled with a smart phone accessed by solar powered wireless network.

Heating system and pipes are incorporated inside in to insulated outer walls.

All used materials are Green and sustainable, finishes are all natural and non-toxic.


Bamboo is one eco friendly option. Bamboo is a fast growing grass that can be selectively harvested annually. It is extremely durable and harder than red oak and maple, has 50% less contraction and expansion than wood and is a renewable resource. Bamboo cabinets offer several benefits and a visual appeal that's uniquely different from cabinetry that's made with more usual materials. Bamboo is strong and hard and is also a highly sustainable natural resource. Bamboo cabinets also offer an alternative to the mass-produced stock cabinets made with a good percentage of particle board and medium density fiberboard (MDF). That's because most bamboo cabinets are made with solid bamboo and/or bamboo plywood.

Bamboo flooring is typically made by slicing bamboo poles into strips. These are destarched by boiling, glued into boards, and milled. Preservative treatment�often boric acid, though more harmful chemicals may be used�is applied during this process. Most bamboo flooring uses a urea-formaldehyde (UF) adhesive in the lamination process. Though the use of UF resins, which emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is harmful to indoor air quality, bamboo flooring uses a relatively small amount compared with other materials, such as particleboards. Bamboo flooring products that avoid formaldehyde use are available, including some listed in theGreenSpec Directory. Cork tiles are used as flooring under-layer as soundproof barrier.

Wall and ceiling  used building materials is the gypsum board, also called drywall and sheetrock. This article focuses on explaining the composition, properties and application potentials of gypsum board. Gypsum, in some form, has been used in building construction since the Roman times. It is a mineral found in sedimentary rocks. In drywall, a solid core of gypsum is encased in layers of paper on both sides. This gives it stability and strength, coupled with an ability to be used in a variety of applications.

Natural Paints and Finishes, made from natural raw ingredients such as water, plant oils and resins, plant dyes and essential oils; natural minerals such as clay, chalk and talcum; milk casein, natural latex, bees' wax, earth and mineral dyes. Water-based natural paints give off almost no smell. The oil-based natural paints usually have a pleasant fragrance of citrus or essential oils. Allergies and sensitivities to these paints is uncommon. These paints are the safest for health and for the environment.