In this design I tried to answer all the questions and give the master all of the requirements.


This is not very hard for a skilled person to design small apartments like this one to look impressive, but problem shows itself when we want to design with  certain budget and put a couple of functions on it. and this is the time we can say "we designed".

These are some of my major considerations:

To Look great;

These considerations help the space looks various and set it for many years living:

-  Sauna/Steamroom and giving it some possibilities such as glassed walls, space for massage, space for lying 4 persons and etc.

- Partition (see the details)

- Closet with a fitting area

- Materials and details and so forth

To save Budgets;

As you can see, many objects in the apartment can make very simple with some basic instruments and they use cheap materials and don't need long time processes to build.

You can download two PANORAMA views for better understanding the design and a simple REALTIME animation.
Panorama 01:
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Panorama 02:
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Realtime animation:
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REALTIME.html" rel="nofollow">

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