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It is quick and easy to change room functions. Transformation possibilities increase the space�s usefulness. The lounging/entertainment area turns into a bedroom and guest sleeping area. This area can be closed for visual and audio privacy by means of moving wall panels and a scrolling panels. Bedroom is arrange by the private wardrobe. A queen size bed (Nuovoili10 HRF), ideally raised off the floor with access to the bed from both sides. Bedclothes can be stored in the ottoman.

The apartment design allows for several uses:

  • A sit-down dinner for 12 (GOLIATH TABLR - Home Resource Furniture Smart Savers).
    • A comfortable lounging for 8 people (Nuovoliola10 sofa-bed Home Resource Furniture Smart Savers + custom made corner sofa with storage for 12 folding chairs (Ciak chairs HRF + ottoman with storage for bedclothes + ottoman with sleeping function � BoConcept).
    • Space for 2-3 guests with 100% visual and audio privacy (Corner sofa).

    Home office around the Mac 31" monitor in the open space/entertainment area. The monitor can be used for work, as part of the Cisco telepresence system, for watching movies, etc.



    Modern appliances are used here, such as an induction cook top, a combination microwave/oven, a small fridge, a dishwasher, an espresso machine, a juicer, storage for non-perishable food and a soda water maker. Pull�out storage is also an extended worktop. A sit-down area is arranged by the window.

    Flooring: Reclaimed wood.

    Walls: White paint, glass by the worktop area and mirrors by the window, black glass �tile� by the sink area allows also to make notes.

    Furniture: MDF (white lacquer finish) and wood, counter top and washbasin made of materials like 100% renewable recycled newsprint.


    It has access to natural light and is space, water and energy efficient. Water saving & Eco-friendly products are used here. All the appliances I propose are water and energy saving products.

    The bathroom is equipped with:

    • A digital showering system that allows to control personalized temperature and water delivery options (such as temperature, spray intensity and angle) from up to eight shower components with the touch of a button, creating a spa-like environment. The showerhead can be used both at the sink and in the shower.

    • 27.6" cabinet mounted sink.

    • One-piece toilet with automatic flushing. It combines superior functionality and enhanced comfort with the inclusion of a heated toilet seat ring and integrated bowl lighting. With just a slight touch, the user can actuate the automatic seat and ring opening or closing. Additionally, the toilet will automatically flush when the lid is closed. Innovative tankless power lite® technology provides exceptional flushing performance, using just 1.28 gallons per flush, saving as much as 3,200 gallons of water annually over a traditional 1.6-gallon toilet.
      • Flooring: High performance epoxy. In general, epoxies are known for their excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, good-to-excellent mechanical properties and very good electrical insulating properties, UV resistant, renewable, low volatility and water clean.

        Walls: Walls in the shower area are covered with unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles with relief surface and stone structure finish. Remaining walls are cover with glass. Side walls in the sink area are made of glass. �Window� on the central wall is made of clear glass.

        The bathroom is located near the existing installations.


        Total of over 400 cubic feet. Allows to recycle/reuse its center. Can be locked if needed.


        Bike storage

        Located by the entrance door, meant for ThinBike or Strida.


        Lighting: Recessed, directional ceiling-mounted LED fixtures are used. Two table lamps serve as additional sources of light.

        Air quality: The quality of air is improved through the introduction of plants, such as the water hyacinth, placed in a water tank (does not require tending).


        Flooring: Reclaimed Wood Type: (Antique Douglas Fir Select). Reclaimed wood that's been rescued from old barns, train trestles and antique wood vats - look and feel great, have low embodied energy, easy to clean and renewable.

        Walls: Plastered and covered with Eco-friendly paint. Part of the NE wall and SE wall are made of plywood. Scrolling wall panels made of reclaimed wood.


        Colors: White, neutral: walnut, maple, beige, gray. The look is modern - neutral, clean and timeless.


        Other: Screen - castom from MDF and metal. Allows to display magnets with photos and images.


        The design features Amina invisible wall and ceiling mounted speakers and Cisco ?mi telepresence system.

        In order to enhance the dweller�s comfort the MirroFilm shades are used, controlled with the Mechoshade Home System. 0600 Series MirroFilm is a transparent, light filtering and heat insulating material, consisting of layers of tinted and clear polyester film with a deposit of pure reflective aluminum in the core. Washable and fade resistant MirroFilm can be used on DualShades® to create a two-layer insulating roller shade ideally suited to clear tinted or H.A. glass conditions. The color of the shade cloth is 0606 Smoke (gray). Darker colors provide a better view through the shadecloth to the outside, absorbing light and heat. They transmit less light and have a lower surface brightness, which lowers reflectivity and provides excellent glare-free environments for CRTs and work stations.

        Old radiators are replaced with new baseboard style radiators, placed near the high risers.

        The project to implement a reasonable budget

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