An EditedLife
While this idea doesn't concern the apartment, it's one inspired by the contest in many ways.


I'm motivated to downsize, to reevaluate things before I turn 27 next month.  Life is going fast.  It's becoming a cliche to me already, but there needs to be at least one LifeEdited by my efforts in this contest: mine. 

A creature's dwelling is in many ways the reflection of their soul.  And by design -- so to speak -- it's clear that Graham is very industrious and efficient.  With a light carbon step for mankind, he's inspired at least one of us -- me -- not to feel as ashamed of their want for sustainability and nature's recovery. 

About my dwelling though -- I bought my first home, a HUD foreclosure home in late 2009.  I fancied myself a handyman and I still do.  However, I'm starting to feel incapable and a bit too small in this big (1599 sq ft) suburban Lego block all alone.  It's really been difficult, both financially and otherwise, to keep my spirits high, facing daunting tasks ahead.  I've become paralyzed with it : that I seem to need lots of money to make a rundown house really livable (though I'm already living here), and that I don't have enough to do so (although I am one of the lucky ones to have been employed throughout the recent financial woes of the world).

Silently, my interest turned to the Tiny House movement.  I was shocked and elated when I discovered the LifeEdited contest.  It was a means of soul searching for me. 

My design ideas pale in the face of those superior to mine, but I feel my contribution can be this post, as an open letter to you (whoever you, the reader may be).  Perhaps, just maybe, someone reading this will short circuit their own life from drifting too far into excess and confusion.  They might see the warm, simple and efficient as the World (not just American) Dream, as I have come to.

I'm gearing up for a push to my personal finish line, by starting a new ontological blog.  This blog will serve a boiling pot for my thoughts, as well as a way of seeing my random but ever-candid ideas communicated and quite possibly realized.  If I have one talent, it's thinking outside of the box.  In this case it's outside of the apartment's box.  I just want to see positive change in the world. ;-) Thanks for the ride.  It's kinda sad to see the contest end!  Good luck and goodnight! :D  -joshua

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