Organizing Line
This simple diagram creates a dynamic living environment.


This project utilizes a simple line to delineate the various uses within the apartment, maximize the apartment�s sense of scale, and insure that the daily joys of living in the apartment are not impacted by the apartment�s other, more temporary functions.  As shown in the first image diagram, the project is a direct response to the apartment�s existing geometries and zones of use (wet vs. dry areas, zone of entry, etc.).  Building upon these existing conditions, a single line is drawn through the space, creating 5 primary zones: entry, living area, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.  This line, which houses the apartment�s many storage areas and a pull-out desk/office, makes the apartment seem bigger than it really is.  This wall/line�s ends never touch the apartment�s perimeter; the edge of the apartment always slides past, connecting to an adjacent space.  This line creates a welcoming sense of entry and threshold to the apartment while also providing a bedroom-like space for Graham.  We felt it was very important in a studio of this size to both meet the various guest programs in the apartment brief (dining for 12, lounge for 8, etc.) while still creating a space for sleeping that feels like a bedroom.  While folding contraptions are nice for more temporary guest use, this design provides a true bedroom space, with access to its own window, acoustic privacy from adjacent overnight guests, and the feeling that it�s ok to not make your bed every morning�.just close the sliding door to hide the mess from unexpected guests.