The main object that figures the space of interior is a cube. Eternal Cube...:)


We decide to create basic furniture items out of extra simple form � a cube. The room is filled with multi-cube forms of various purposes which can be modified if intended. We mix up walls, floor, ceiling and air of the room by strewing a number of multi-functional cubes: storage boxes, cubic chairs, cubic lamps, sofas made of boxes and structural frames for them. They modular free airy living space.

The room is divided into 2 zones � private, which consists master bedroom and kitchen, and public, which includes lounging, dining, working, storage facilities and sleeping for guests. Within the common area there is no the strict plan � you can move furniture as needed.

Very important we consider the comfort of the host who has an isolated bedroom, hidden kitchen with all necessary facilities which easy moves out in place between private and public areas.

During a working meeting or business diner two folded lounge tables become full-sized ones, they also combine a podium together with bigger boxes (structural frames). The podium or separate beds present sleeping places for two guests or more.

In order increase ecological sufficiency we propose to make boxes of recycled materials, to provide kitchen and bathroom with high-tech equipment with highest ecological characteristics, we let the natural draft air go through the room.

Thanks to simple form of basic element- cube- we can easily play with interior styles and actually this room design will stay present-day for decades.

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