Moving walls and sliding panels are used to provide space division and privacy.


In this project space is divided in 4 main areas: bathroom, the kitchen area, living area and entertainment area.
In the bath and kitchen areas are no major innovations. Bath is equipped with a low/dual flush suspended toilet, a sink and 2 in 1 steam room/shower cabin. The open kitchen is a "classic" one, full equipped. Under the sink is the recycling center.
Functional spaces are divided by fixed and mobile walls. The only fixed wall is between living and entertainment areas. Mobile walls and sliding panels provide space division and privacy.
Most of the apartment floor is covered with cork tiles (an ecological product with superior thermal & acoustical insulating qualities). The raised floor is covered with recycled leather tiles.
The heating solution remains the currently used, because I think it is more economical and even environmental friendly to use a system that works anyway to provide heating for the entire building. With a good insulation, energy consumption for heat the apartment will be minimal. Only improvement will be replacing old radiators with new ones - some design radiators - placed under windows (radiators are not shown in my project).
I hope that the drawings to be more clear than my explanations in English.

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