The Ultimate Apartment. The Revelation. The Revolutionary Idea.


Three months into the competition, and four ideas later, I had a revelation. I had decided to reverse my thinking. Instead of making everything 'small', we can maximize the space by providing a focal point. With space saving techniques, we can change the uses of that focal point.

In this design, the focus is the large, nearly 24 square foot kitchen island. All appliances are under the counter, with storage space left over. It is an element that is often unique to multi-million-dollar New York apartments, but I believe it fits the social and personal needs of the client.

The apartment is stylish and livable...  There are no sliding walls or complicated arrangements. It's as simple and as open as it can be.... 

The bottom line is that just because you're living in a studio, it doesn't have to feel like you are! :)


Living Room:

A lounge space for 8 is easily facilitated with the ottomans & Resource Furniture convertible sofa. However, with the social bar, up to 16 people can relax comfortably in this multi-tier space. The entertainment is readily available with the 31� monitor. For such a space, there is no need for a larger screen. Amina in-wall speakers are behind the media unit.


The kitchen is large, but very multi-functional. It has a unique social bar that is almost 8 feet wide. It seats 5 and can be used as an on-the-go dining space for Graham Hill. All major appliances are under the counter, and a soda fountain can be worked into the side of the refrigerator. The kitchen also has room for miscellaneous appliances, and a variety of storage units. A part of the kitchen floor is raised by 6� to facilitate floor storage & a sleeping space. The difference created by the floor height facilitates two social spaces around the island: The host faces the guests and has the kitchen counter at 36� height. Meanwhile, due to the step difference, the guests have a 42� residential countertop that they use as a bar.  The raised area also allows for the kitchen sink plumbing to be hidden within this �step�, providing a simple, accessible, and easy-to-build layout.


The plan allows for comfortable dining for 12, expandable up to 17. The dining setup can also be used as a business meeting.


The bathroom contains a free-standing sink that shares its plumbing with the shower/steam room. While it is not the same faucet, it is controlled by the same plumbing. The radiant heat is taken from the existing unit and spread out under the shower seat for extra warmth. An option exists to run radiant heat to the toilet surround as well.


A tall and deep closet stores the ThinBike and Strida by the entrance of the apartment. Clothing can be stored in any of the apartment�s other four vertical closets. The space also has dedicated storage areas for readily-accessible appliances, featuring garages for the Roomba and Scooba. Additional appliance shelves in the kitchen store items such as toasters & juicers. Media and electronics can be stored in the entertainment unit.


The Resource Furniture piece in the main room easily converts to a large queen-sized bed. The entire living room then becomes the extra-large bedroom, with instant access to closets, entertainment, and telepresence. The MechoShade home system provides privacy and sound insulation for this space.

Guest Area:

The guest space is easily accessible and features a memory foam bed. With the shades drawn, the space is private, yet easily accessible to the kitchen and bathroom. If needed, the guest bed can remain stowed and a large air mattress can be put in the space. Additional air mattresses may be available as needed.


The dedicated office uses the Goliath table by Resource Furniture as a desk surface. An ottoman or a bar stool can be used as the chair, or a �sentimental value chair of choice� can be brought in by Graham Hill. Additional office spaces in the apartment include the bed and the kitchen island, where the client can work in a more relaxed and transitional setting.


The entire apartment is shown with insulated walls (4�) around the perimeter. Heating radiators are hidden within these walls, and their cover screens are made of heat-retaining soapstone, an example of a centuries-old proven technology. With the proper home management configuration, shutoff of radiant heat can be controlled by a switch, and the room will maintain a comfortable temperature for many hours at a time in the cold winter months. Privacy screens (MechoShade) are installed as partitions in the apartment. Any shade can be operated with a remote control. All cloth materials are organic cotton/linen, all lighting is LED.



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