Combining lean, low impact materials with subtle elegant design elements to invigorate urban living


Brilliant colors are placed strategically to enliven and animate the space. 

The earthy, cast-concrete counter tops welcome the visitors with practical and elegant styling.  

The character and radiant warmth of the reclaimed river wood flooring, warms the space on dreary Manhattan days.

The functionality of our movable partition walls doesn't end with their excellent audio insulating and visual privacy.  They are great work spaces and sources of inspiration, as they function as both magnetic board and dry-erase board from floor to ceiling.

The recycling center in the kitchen provides dual bins for recycling, while the counter top presents an access hole revealing a compost bucket hidden beneath it.  This compost can be used for community gardening or for the house plants.  

The house plants incorporate a watering system that pipes grey water to them on a timed cycle, that can also be activated through the home automation system or remotely from a smart phone. 

The home automation application, will enable the user to change temperature, lighting, plant watering and to limit electricity to specific appliances.

Reused billboards will elegantly impart style and character as space dividers, considering over 10,000 tons of PVC polyester composite fabrics are disposed of annually. 

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