To be clear this is a direct inspiration of "New York City Camping" by the member stijn.


I saw the idea "New York City Camping" and I just had to elaborate on the idea.

With this idea I added two main concepts.

1. The "Hill" or "Hills". The hills are two 12" memory foam pads that are placed on the floor underneath the 1-1/2" fake grass. Long grass, not the stuff on a mini golf course. The foam pad that curves and then plateaus creates a very comfortable ultra minimalistic sleeping surface. 

2. The Fire. The fire is the central focal point for the apartment. You sit around it, sleep around it and just enjoy it. Believe it or not it IS the main heating source. How is this possible? A fan located directly above recirculates the heated air through the apartment. Want it colder? Turn the fire down. The fire is controlled with a home automation center. Of course it also provides a significant amount of light the apartment needs.  You can even cook some meals with it. Want a Tofu Dog?

I also added the foyer, bathroom and office from my last design. Luxury and comfort.

One thing I would say is lacking right now is the storage. There is only one storage module to the right of the kitchen.

Oh, and the kitchen. That is located in the tall cabinets. I believe that is enough room for it. I didn't have enough time to render it.

Like "New York City Camping" this is all about creating an atmosphere of being outside of the city. Faux Camping. But is it faux camping? The mind is a powerful thing when thought becomes fanciful. 

I threw this together in two hours so don't expect perfection. It was just a fun project I threw together before the end of the competition.

Ultra Minimalism. What is more green than that?

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