Combination for living
Max space is left for living room 23m2 with long bench covered by heated stones for relax and health


Living room has a big table for 12 persons, which is attached to the ceiling by 4 pneumatic pipes, which fix a table up under the ceiling, or pull it down for party time. Pipes are controlled by Home automation system. What's good about the table - one may leave the plates or drafts and papers on table, while it's up under the ceiling - that helps to change the situation very fast.

Sofa transformers to a two-storey bed, which is isolated for more comfortable sleeping by movable light partitions.

Long bench with heated stones above, serves as a place for sitting, relaxation, for warming and massaging, and creates  a comfortable lounging option for people.

Long space "black hole" under the bench is using for keeping a rolling tool chest, for a stuff that will be given to friends or donated to charity, and for Roomba and Scooba cleaning robots storing  and charging.

Living room combines with office place.

Amina and Cisco outfits locate in the living room.

The light partitions between living room and the kitchen are easy removable.

The same partitions hide the book shelfs in living room.

Kitchen has all the necessary equipment.

Bedroom has a comfortable fixed bed, ? wardrobe, and an access to a shower cubicle.

Toilet room next to the entrance has a low ceiling (2250), that allows to have a place "black hole" for storing the bicycles.

Two another lockable "black holes" for keeping the things are above the entrance wardrobe and above the living room book shelfs.

Mirrows make to feel this space bigger.

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