All the world is a [serviced] stage
Architecture is industrial design. Services are appliances. Redesign the system & you have freedom.


If architecture is understood as industrial design then all of the services can be conceived of as mobile appliances tethered, using shut-off-valve technology, to a service infrastructure platform, when and where they are required.

The traditional architectural approach for creating an optimal, compact planning configuration is done by developing a static, base-storage design. Working from the perspective of optimal flexibility we have rotated the traditional starting point, the vertical storage-space strategy, 90 degrees so as to create a horizontal, integrated services platform across which all of the furniture and mobile services appliances or units can be rolled and placed. The space is now equipotential and wholly reconfigurable as required. Our design proposition is simply to say that by redesigning the service delivery and connection system instead of the space you have a level of planning reconfigurability that gives you much greater freedom to then design the kinds of experiences you want.

Imagine that the key service areas; the kitchen and the bathroom are now mobile appliances. The kitchen module acts as a generator for the food preparation and eating space, a space now not defined by a structure but by activity, a space intended to enhance the quality of the social ritual of eating. This kitchen is defined by a series of objects or tools around which people prepare food or mill in anticipation. It is a camp site.

The bathroom is a re-locatable modular stainless steel container equipped with a built-in bath, shower, toilet and hand basin, built around a central water recycling and purifying unit. The. The design intention is to create a bathroom that provides all the services for contemporary bathing and ablution while using a fraction of the water that current bathroom fittings require.

These mobile service appliances are plugged into a service supply platform. The platform houses an integrated service loom that lets you service the kitchen and bathroom where and when you require them. The connection process is quick and uncomplicated. The system is designed to create maximum flexibility for spatial use and space planning. The intention is to make small spaces more effective to use, to generally give users much greater control of their environments and to allow spaces a greater life span, with different users, without the need for expensive and resource-wasting renovation. 

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