House 0
Beyond everyday functional pragmatics: transforming the character of a house


House 0


Character: how great would it be if you could come home and either be in an entirely white, completely open space or find yourself in a small scale house which consists of a warm and colorful series of spaces?


This proposal is an experiment in how far you could stretch the changeability of a house.  Specifically it aims for changeability beyond functional pragmatics: this proposal seeks to change the atmosphere or character itself of a house while transforming functionality.


To achieve this the meaning of a �door� is stretched endlessly. Each door in this proposal has two entirely different sides: one side coated in high gloss ice cold white, the other side covered in hand colored felt from the wool of a flock of sheep from the northeastern part of the Netherlands. Some doors just rotate, others rotate first and then unfold once or even twice to double or even triple up.


Static state:

All doors closed, all stuff stored. The doors showing their white side.


Dynamic state (1), space savers: four space savers are included: a desk, an extendable table like the Goliath and two times a wall bed.


Dynamic state (2): space transformers: doors open and close offering a multitude of spaces, all different both in pragmatic sense and in character. The doors would be made out of only 4mm thick extremely durable laminate with superior rigidity. One side painted in high gloss white, the other side covered in colored felt. The doors would rotate and be guided by a beautiful curvaceous railing system. Small levers integrated in the end side of the doors would make it possible to fixate them in every position possible.


To each his own, to some more than once.

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