The studio literally revolves around the life of its inhabitant.


As a New Yorker, the challenges as well as the appeal of living in a small space are all too familiar.  With my own small-apartment experiences in mind, I responded to the brief by designing a low-footprint, low-energy apartment in which most of the components are easily installed or can be reused, in whole or in part.  I also wanted to focus on maximizing the possibilities of a single living space with a minimum number of wall partitions.

The studio literally revolves around the life of its inhabitant.  A core living space is served by orbiting auxiliary components of apartment life: the kitchen, bathroom and storage.  At the center of this private world is the inhabitant and his/her life.  The central circle is a configurable staging area for working, dining, entertaining, lounging, repairing and sleeping.

By rotating the seating and floating storage around a central point, the different configurations are achieved.  The revolutions also form a simple system that temporarily redefines the space of the apartment for a variety of functions, as described in the brief.  For the inhabitant, the studio is able to generate distinct visual and spatial experiences as it shifts functions; the space he/she sleeps in does not look or feel like the space that he/she eats in.

Although this 400 square-foot world revolves around the inhabitant, it's not without conscience and consideration for the world at large.  The floor and custom cabinetry are made of bamboo and plyboo, both highly sustainable and durable materials that can endure the wear and tear of city life.  They can also be easily recycled once they've reached the end of their lifespan.  Other materials, such as the kitchen partition, are made of recycled plastics and eco-friendly resin.

Ease of installation minimizes expensive and time consuming on-site labor.  For example, the floor is the same bamboo material throughout -- even in the bathroom, where it creates a warm space yet handles moisture well.  This eliminates the need to lay tiles or install a separate bathroom floor material, as well as measuring and cutting of the floor boards.  Most of the apartment consists of prefabricated parts, allowing for accuracy, expedited construction, and minimal construction waste.


Dishwasher: Miele Integrated Slimline
Floor and Woodwork: Plyboo
Kitchen Partition: 3Form Varia Ecoresin
Microwave: Wolf Standard
Office Chair: Herman Miller Sayl
Refrigerator/Freezer: Subzero Combination Drawers
Stove: Wolf 15" Induction Cooktop
Toilet: Kohler Dual Flush

Resource Furniture Spacesavers:

Goliath Extending Table
LGM Queen Space Saving Bed and TV Cabinet
Yoyo Coffee Table/Workstation

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