4 boxes
This proposal keeps walls free, to let light and people circulate. Functions are centered in a core.


The idea of this proposal is to keep all walls free, so people and light can circulate all around the apartment. All functions are centered in a core that consists of 4 different boxses around a cross. Each box has a different funktion, karakter, material and colour.
Sliding doors situated in the coss makes it possible to divide the apartment into four rooms. And each boxs can be closed. When there are guests staying over a sofabed transformes to 2 beds and the sliding doors divides the living room into two seperat spaces.
There is a sléeping box, a kitchen box, a homeoffice box and a bathroom box.
Materials are chosen to support the activity that belongs to each box. Wood is warm and friendly, fir for the kitchen and birch for the bedroom. Yellow, that is a a good colour for concentration, is chosen for the homeoffice, and the bathroom is glass and green.
There are a lot of storage in the boxes, some can also be used as seating.