felt up
A packed out perimeter with a transformable, flexible, expansive, light filled and woolly space.


The design objective for Felt Up is to maximize the space of the apartment and allow the studio to transform into any desired domestic space of the moment - adaptable to all of the requested functions.


The project�s strategy is to pack the North and South edges with highly functional built-in storage while leaving the East and West ends of the apartment as open as possible for maximum daylighting.  The use of flexible, adaptable, and deployable furnishings and dividers let the inhabitant create the space(s) he wants.


To create a clean minimal appearance and hide the client�s belongings, the storage requires some sort of face. In lieu of cabinet doors, the design includes moveable felt panels hanging from ceiling to floor from flush mounted ceiling tracks. Using recycled felt provides a more sustainable, materially efficient, and cost effective front for the storage. They also act as an extra insulating layer, both thermally and acoustically. The felt panels also serve another function. By sliding on tracks into the middle of the space, they can be used as temporary spatial dividers when desired.


The plan of the apartment locates the bathroom and kitchen in the rear of apartment to take advantage of existing riser locations.  When not in use, both kitchen and bathroom are closed off to the main space with translucent glass panel sliders. This allows for the kitchen to be hidden and the bath to have some privacy while not blocking the light coming in from the rear windows.


The perimeter millwork is envisioned as custom shelving and cabinetry, made of OSB which has lower embodied energy than plywood or MDF, finished with low VOC paint. The storage cabinetry accommodates bicycles, a tool cabinet, and 12 folding chairs, as well as clothing, linens, and robotic cleaners. A fold-down queen size bed and bunk beds are also incorporated into the storage walls.


Along the Eastern window wall, two rolling couch units are docked under the windows on each side of the work desk.  Millwork at the windows behind the couches incorporates a radiator and motorizes shades above. For entertaining or lounging the couch units can be rolled into the center and positioned in front of the monitor.  The desk can also be repositioned and the top unfolded into a dining table that accommodates 12.


The kitchen accommodates an induction cooktop, compact dishwasher, and wall oven/microwave as well as a refrigerator/ freezer drawer unit.  The kitchen also includes a pull-out for waste and recycling bins and an undercounter compost container with a countertop hatch. To avoid the felt panels absorbing food odors, a ventilation hood is also included.


The efficient bathroom accommodates an ultra high efficiency Niagara Stealth toilet, a custom hand sink as well as a stand up steam shower. A recessed medicine cabinet provides bathroom storage.


Besides felt and OSB, other materials used in the apartment include Paperstone countertops, Bamboo flooring, and locally quarried slate for the shower.

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