Life - Open Plan
To maximize use of a small space thru modern utility and comfort while minimizing walls/partitions.


Living in a 700 sf New York City apartment for the past 10 years has given me a bit of insight as to the best way to approach this project.  Flexibility is important in a small space and for that reason my first intention was to minimize walls or partitions.  If a partition was necessary for the separation of spaces then it should also be utilized for storage or shelving.  To keep the floor plan as "Open" as possible was a major consideration.

The use of Resource Furniture Space Saver Designs gave the project ideal tools to create a live/work space.  For instance,  the use of the Swing queen bed and couch, Goliath table, Lollipop In bunk bed and Home/Office setups were crucial to space saving ideas which drove this project.  

Areas can be completely converted from exercise studio/home office in the morning and afternoon to entertaining associates for dinner or recreation during the evening in a free flowing environment which allows for movement and relaxation.  Overnight guests have the option of privacy in their accommodations using a retractable partition which cascades from the ceiling.

The bath is a very important space.  It demands special attention to our everyday ritual of bathing which can also be a very luxurious experience.  A two person jacuzzi bathtub along with a steam/shower room give the extra touches which make this a special place.  Cedar lines the walls of the stream room for aroma.  The home audio system is also incorporated into the bath.

The kitchen is compact but highly functional.  It is open with a direct view to the living areas.  There is a linear console which holds an electric stovetop microwave/oven along with a small sink.  Below the counter is a dishwasher and garbage compactor.  A small stackable washer and drier unit fits into the wall along the right side and a small refrigerator/freezer system is above along with ample storage to house espresso machine and juicer.  Window sills are used to hold planters for herbs and small vegetables. The home audio system is also incorporated into the kitchen.

The work area incorporates a Resource furniture work desk with 31" iMac and storage above.  Small plants are set along the window sill.  Next, we have a slim garage space to house the Schindelhauer ThinBike.  The rolling tool chest is stored in it's own compartment along with a robot servant and ample floor space to manage small home/bicycle repair projects.  This space also transforms into a guest room accommodations using the Resource furniture Lillipop In bunkbed and retractable partition which cascades from the ceiling to create a private space. The home audio system is also incorporated into this area.

The living space uses the Resource furniture Swing queen bed and couch system along with the Goliath table beneath the Cisco UMI Telepresence monitor.  The audio video system is housed along the back wall.  In the morning the floor space can transformed into a yoga studio in combination with the work space area.  In the evening the same space can be used to entertain associates.  The Goliath table extends to have a sit-down dinner for 12.  Once the party is over, the swing bed drops to reveal a queen size bed for rest and relaxation.

Along the wall next to the apartment entrance there is storage for coats shoes and a Strida folding bicycle.  There is a modern home security system along with video intercom for incoming guests.  Controls for lighting adjustments can also be found here.

Material considerations for flooring are maple throughout the living area, cork flooring in the kitchen and marble tile throughout the bath.  All walls and ceilings are lined with sound absorption materials.  Window shades can be adjusted to allow maximum to minimum lighting.

These are the basic requirements to establish the Life - Open Plan for this studio in New York City.  They capture the main objective of flexible floor plan, minimal wall or partitions which obstruct vision and a modern luxurious yet eco-conscious  lifestyle. 

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