This proposal is for a new concept of urban living that responds to the need for change in the way that we as North Americans occupy space. This need is based on TWO ideas: ONE is a response to the growing virtual world that we are beginning to inhabit more and more actively,

TWO is a response to the densification of cities that, while having good intentions in reducing urban sprawl, leads to a few consequences: subONE unhealthy air quality, subTWO, it creates urban core ecosystems that are

sheltered from the natural environment and removes dwellers from aware of their direct impacts on our planet.

Our proposal is centered on the urgent call to reestablish touch with our tactile environment such that, as virtual connections link urban cores around the world, we do not forget the landscape that is in between them. Each individual must coexist with the environment in such as way that s/he purifies what comes into the household, and ensures that what leaves it is not harmful for the immediate and distant environment. THUS we have designed a green wall filtration zone around the interior perimeter of the apartment in effort to ONE clean the air that comes into the apartment, TWO allow for small scale urban cultivation of greens, and THREE be a sensitive environment that reacts household actions and keeps us accountable of them in order to avoid releasing harmful substances. (for instance) The water system is connected to an irrigation system through the base of the green perimeter walls such that it waters them, but also makes them susceptible to immediate threat if the owner uses harmful chemical products for cleaning.

The next layer to the green perimeter is a glazed room which has all of its furniture stored in an elevated perimeter base. This not only allows for gathering spaces that look onto the green garden around, but also allows for an entirely clear square white space, a clean canvass of 12' x 12'. This space, the empty glazed room is a prism of clean-air, a sound-proof pavilion that, through the use of OLED screens creates holograms of any environment that the inhabitant chooses to download and enjoy by docking their IPOD.

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