Zen Spa:ce
Mr. Hill. This micro urban eco pad is designed specifically to suit your lifestyle. Enjoy it!!


1. Entrance 2. Bike holder on door with battery charger 3. Shoe storage 4. Chair 5. Coat closet 6. Stove 7. Work space 8. Sink 9. Fridge 10. Bathroom sink 11. Urinal 12. Toilet 13. Bathroom glass door 14.Sleepspace door 15. Sleepspace/panic room pulldown 16. Queen bed pullout 17. Sleepspace door 18. Spa glass door 19. Double sink 20. Japanese Ofuru tub/shower 21. Steps to tub 22. Glass block window 23. Couch 24. Table - slides to make double bed 25 26 Compfy chairs 27. Ledge for charging solar backpack 28. Desk/ dining table/ping pong table/folding chair holder 29. Pull out desk chair 30. Pull out laptop/monitor 31. Iphone controlled pan/tilt TV 32 33 Amina in-wall speakers 34 Moveable island - dry goods storage
counter/bar stools/ pulldown appliances 35. Wall storage/closets/spa
plumbing 36. Wall storage/closets/pullout workbench

(Goddess artwork by Rolf-Tonio von Eckartsberg)

Intro to Zen Spa:ce:

I'm sure you will be getting an electric hubmotor for that thinbike of yours soon, so when you come home, simply hang it on the hook on the back of your door and plug your battery charger into the fastcharger outlet located there. 

In space 4, have a seat, and take off your shoes . Pull out your iphone Zen Spa:ce app and adjust the temperature and ceiling LED lighting in your apartment. The home automation features will utilize the Zen Spa:ce app coupled with the IObridge module controlling and monitoring various objects and processes via servos and motors over the internet. You can also turn on your whale inspired, highly efficient ceiling fan and set the speed. Launch some tunes as well on your Amina 'invisible' speakers. Place your shoes in closet 3, and your jacket/helmet in closet 5. Don't forget to throw your solar backpack on ledge 27 by the window to get some sun. Mirror/magnet board combo is located on kitchen island end 34 facing entrance door. Window width  in space 4 will be reduced on each side by closets 3 and 5, leaving 18" of window width for thrudraft/ventilation and a chair.

I. Grab a bite

In the simple, yet efficient kitchen, you'll find everything is easily accessible with plenty of storage and workspace. Throw some croissants in the oven 6, and turn around to the kitchen island 34. There you can pull out a bar stool, and pull down a juicer, espresso, blender, etc., whatever you're in the mood for. This sink will be an earthcrete chef sink. The moveable island has 4 castered barstools tucked under a butcher block work slab. It has a 5' x 4' opening toward the main room, connecting the kitchen with the rest of the space. This makes the kitchen feel a lot larger than it really is; also, provides a great place for up to 4 people to eat conveniently. Directly above the slab, are 5 pull down drawers, providing easy access to your most used appliances (toaster, espresso machine, juicer, soda water maker, rice cooker, etc.) To the left and right of the slab are floor to ceiling pantries for your dry goods, pots and pans, etc. Your Xbox kinect will be mounted under the wood slab facing the main space for some full body gaming and exercise.

II. Get some work done

At table 28, you can pull your chair 29 out of the wall. Have a seat. Reach around to pull out your laptop and monitor 30 where it has been securely locked in the wall. Now you can have a video chat with your contractor via Cisco ?mi Telepresence. If you want to check out CNN, look up and to the right. There you will find your 42" flatpanel HD LCD tv mounted high on the kitchen island 31. Grab the iphone app again, you're going to use it a lot, turn off the music, and turn on the tv. While holding the pan/tilt button, move your iphone, so that the tv adjusts to your viewing angle. You will use this technique whether you are on your bed, the couch, or soaking in your japanese ofuru, so might as well learn how to use it now. Take a closer look at your new desk. It has a bamboo mat on it to protect the surface. It's dimensions are 5� W x 9� D x 30� H, so you might recognize that this is regulation ping pong table size. In it's current configuration 2 foot panels on each side are folded down, giving you a 5 by 5 desk. If you look under the table top, you'll see 6 folding chairs neatly suspended on each side,  and plenty of lockable drawers. The desk is on casters of course, so you can roll it around the space at will. 

III Play ping pong

Remove the bamboo mat from your table 28, and you'll find a ping pong table. Net, paddles, balls are in the lower right drawer. Collapse kitchen, by sliding island 34 towards sink, roll table out to center of room and you're all set. maybe your neighbor is up for a game.

IV Dinner table set up

After a game, push table back to original position. push computer/chair back into wall. you might as well prep the table now for your dinner party tonight with 12 guests. Get the bamboo mat again. On the reverse side, you'll find a beautiful japanese print. Pull out the 12 chairs, and voila! you are ready to wine and dine. 

V. The bathroom

The bathroom 10 thru 13 has a heated floor, water saving toilet and urinal. Above the urinal is a metalcrete sink which drains into the urinal, effectively flushing it after you wash your hands. The smoked glass door has a suction unit on it for magazine reading on your ipad, if so inclined. You should get some natural light from the lightwell window in there. 

VI The spa

Your spa 18 thru 22 is an amazing space. Raised 8" off the ground to allow for plumbing, the entire space can be a steam room. The main attraction is a japanese ofuru. Depending on your budget, this can be cedar, earthcrete or stainless steel. (more styles)  Use the stairs to climb in for either a 'soak for the soul' or a shower. The floor is heated tile. The tempered glass spa door and wall can be electronically fogged up. When sitting in your ofuru, you can again adjust the angle of your flatpanel tv. The double wave sink is a beautiful creation made out of Earthcrete.  The spa has a window for natural light and in the wall adjacent to the couch 22, you'll find emerald colored glass block. 

VII Couch area

The couch area is very cozy for entertaining or just chillin'. Table 24 is dual use. The top can be flipped over where there is a matching cushion to the couch. Roll the table into 23 to form a rectangle, and you have a nice double bed for guests. Pull up some extra chairs 25 and 26 if you need them.

VIII. Bedroom

Your queen bed 16 is pretty unique. When not in use, you don't see it. It is in the wall. When you need it, pull on the handle, The bed's metallic frame will roll out accordian style and lock into rigid position. The flexible mattress is stored vertically, and slides down, as you pull out the frame. At the bottom of the mattress, is where your pillows, blanket etc. are, so unfortunately you will have to make the bed everytime you transform it. Mounted on the ceiling and rolled up, is your sleepspace/panic room. You can pull this down to create a defacto bedroom. The material is yet to be determined (tough/insulating: thinking hurricane shutters with a hemp felt liner). The reason is for the sleepspace is threefold. 1. Creates a private secure space for yourself and your valuables. 2. The space has it's own climate, so you can cool down the rest of the apartment, saving $ and energy, while keeping your sleepspace at desired temperature. In summer, just cool the sleepspace at night. 3. Keeps light and sound out. 

IX Storage

Space 35 has closets/dressers/shelves all built in and hidden from view. The entire facade is a mirror making the apartment feel a lot bigger. It also houses/hides your spa plumbing, connecting it with water supply and drainage.  Space 36 also has closets and storage space for your recycling, a couple strida bikes, and a special closet for all your kitesurfing gear, providing easy access for quick escapes to Cabarete. There is also a locker like unit with fold down table which will act as a workshop. little slot on the bottom is for your roomba vac. The face on this wall is all white with several of your favorite artworks mounted on it. 

X Flooring

Is a matter of taste. i like cork for warmth, softness and sound damping, but looks like you can restore the original hardwood floor as well...

XI Windows and plants

The windows in the kitchen will have to be partially covered to allow for cabinets, as well as the bottom half of the window in the bathroom. On the windows toward the street, you can install co2 absorbing, air filtering, sound damping porous concrete pots on horizontal beams creating a vertical garden lattice for your herbs and Peace Lilies. Peace Lilies rank fourth on NASA's list of best air filtering plants and do not need excessive light or water to survive. The plant watering system will be automated via an IOBridge/servo setup and can be controlled/monitored remotely thru the Zen Spa:ce app.; so, no need to worry when taking long vacations.

XII Courtyard and community

Here I envision setting up a biogas digester, which can be fed from foodwastes (even human waste) thru pipes from your and your neighbor's apartments. The methane produced can be used to power a community grill and light either in the courtyard or on the roof. Excess gas can be stored in low pressure adsorbed natural gas tanks to power a community shared 3 wheeled grocery/big item hauler (Tuk-tuk ).  Other building upgrades could include a green roof, living wall, solar lease, and a  vertical axis wind turbine. I'm sure you can get your neighbors on board and max it out, making it a true smart eco living showcase, and, in the process,  prove that less can be more!