simple, small, big
- Guests stay overnight - Dinner for 12 - Lounge for 8 - Hideable kitchen - Energetic optimization


My idea is to change the appartment with just a few significant changes.
Only the most intimate spaces should be permanentaly closed.
These are bathroom an shower cabinet.
All other spaces must be variable.

My first aim is to work out a concept how to change the existing apartment into an energetically optimized space with improved  quality of live.

In case of applying measures to similar apartments this concept should be appliable.

Interior design and perfect rendering are subordinate targets.

Guestroom ist just a place to stay for a night. It has to be as small as possible and as big as necessary. Flexible partition system includes a door with noise insulated ventilation openings (like the bathroom door shown in the section drawing) to gain acoustic privacy and best ventilation conditions.
A simple curtain wall is fixed between grahams bed and the 'corridor' to the bathroom.

Kitchen area:
When you turn down the upright wand panel including tab, the countertop will be covered with a blanc worktop where you can work on. Only the extraction fan will be visible. This can be useful for instance when you work with color or smelling liquids.

Dinner for 12:
A folding table unit is fixed on the wall on two runners on two edges.
To unfold it two lockers have to be unfastened. When the table top is unfolded it has to be fixed again at the top of the runners. So two edges are fixed. Two containers (type 2) one under each table top partition will make it stand firm.
In case the size (118/40") is not sufficiant there is enough space to make it bigger.

10  x  trolley-chair-containers (type 1):
In front of the wall next to the shower you see 6 trolley-like containers. You can use them for storage and as chairs.

3 x containers (type 2):
They are 30 inch high and to be used for that folding table.

Guest area:
This area is equipped with the 'Lollipop' bed (Resource Furniture). All wall panels are stored in a cabinet next to the window. When the wall is in use all space in the cabinet can be used as a wardrobe.

Living area:
6 'Barcelona chairs on air' combined with the 'Ito' sofa and a lower table (based on 4 trolley seat containers) will make a conveniant living room.
The bottom part which is inflatable can be emptied and stored together with the cushions in a hidden shelf behind 'Ito and 'home office'.

Air system:
The ceiling in the shower and steem cabinet is lower than the regular ceiling height. Enough space to hide a HVAC unit (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system)..

Fresh air is blown via tubes into the living space and vacuumed in the bathroom.

The extraction fan in the kitchen will not be connected to this system because of fat which is harmful to the counterflow heat exchanger.

The toilet seat will be degassed via flush pipe. That will prevent the bathroom from bad smell.

Heating and cooling:
Underfloor heating and cooling will support the air system and ensure best climatic conditions at a very low energy consumption.
For details see section drawing.

Phenolic resin foam boards on the inner side of the outer walls and calcium silicate boards on the window reveals will minimize heat transfer and help to avoid mould.

Acoustic insulation:
Wooden floor boards shoud be removed.
All spaces between beams have to be filled with cellulose insulation and sand in case structural analysis will allow. (See detailed section)

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