Rotating Life
This is my plan how to create a space and energy saving apartment. ATTENTION I still working on it!


  • Welcome! Here is the Update from November the 22nd. It is still a lot of work and I need to render much more things, especially the chair!
    I am open for every new ideas and criticism.

    22.11.2010 - NEW!!! You can transform the chair into a bookshelf. I will show the transformation soon, you just have to fold down the different parts!

    The Main Idea is a new concept to save energy. up/middle there is a "central rotating system" which is split into 4 rooms. The Office, Space for Food storage, the kitchen and a bike-rest. Depending on the sunlight you can rotate the Rooms towards the sun, so that you need less light to work. The System is equipped with big ball bearings, so that you can rotate the Rooms by yourself, or maybe with an engine. That engine will get it´s energy from solar panels outside or maybe inside (build-in in every room), so that the system works completely by itself. The spare energy could be used to heat the water for the shower.
  • The Walls and Windows are Isolated with high technology energy saving materials. The front door is 2x isolated and opens to the outside to safe space. left/up you can find a shelf and a seat to take off the shoes. there could be a wardrobe too. All other doors are Sliding Doors to save space. middle/left there is a "resourcefurniture" guest bed. left/down you see the bedroom. there is enough space for a big enough bed and a little desk. Under the Bed is a extensible drawer where you can store the cloths or other things. 
  • right/down you see a big round couch and a high-variable table, so that you can use the table for dinner or to put your feeds on the table, if you want to chill out. In the Wall right down there are speakers and a multimedia system that you can control with your Ipod, Iphone or other MP3 Players and mobile phones. If you want to watch a Blueray or Films on Youtube you can rotate the central-rotating-system and watch it on your computer in the Area "Office".
  • The Couch is also extensible, so that guests could sleep there. And to respekt the Privacy you can "split" the room up with 2 curtain rods over the couch.
  • That´s just an idea ;-) I keep working on it.

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