Updated : Modern Industrial
I designed this apartment to be a cozy modern space.


This apartment was designed with the owner in mind and an emphasis on Modern Industrial Design.  This is an update of my previous design based on feedback.

Just off the entry is the Office / Sleeping Area / Kitchen.  The Efficeint hideaway kitchen has an induction cooktop, small sink, a combination oven / microwave and storage for a juicer, espresso machine, and a few other small appliances.  Down below is a single drawer dishwasher and a single drawer fridge.  Ther is plenty of storage also.

The office desk folds up and the queen sized space saving bed folds down for sleeping.

There is a storage cube that also doubles as a room divider and has storage for food, clothing, dishes, etc.  At the base of the storage cube is where the roomba vacuum cleaner is stored and charged.

The main living area is a lounge area and dining area in one.  The Lounge converts to a dining area for 12, when done - the stools (which also double as storage cubes) fit back into the storage cube so they are out of the way. The long Dining Table also Drops down to Coffee Table level when the room is being used as a lounging area.

At the entrance to the bathroom is another storage cube / wall unit.  that can be used to store the thin bike and the folding bike in the same space.

To the right of the bathroom is bunks for two overnight guests which can also double as storage when not in use.

The Bathroom features a Composting Toilet that can be move into the space when it is needed and pushed back behind closed doors when showering, a Steam Shower and water saving faucets.  The Walls & floor are tiled with white subway tiles for easy and minimal cleaning.

I designed this apartment to be a cozy modern space.  I used as much industrial and recycled materials as possible to create a unique space and cut down on the overall cost.

Hope you enjoy.

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