the square a simple design by Calgar C that effectively hides the kitchen


the design for this space is based around 4 sections. there is a main hallway going down the center and each corner has its section. the end of the hallway leads to the office

the idea behind this design was to hide the kitchen. the first thing i thought of was where the bathroom was to go. i decided to put the dining room over in the corner. the way it works is a large rectangular table which is the kitchen/storage is there for cooking and a table drops from the ceiling ontop hiding the kitchen and revealing the dining table.there are seats for 10 around the walls and anotehr 2 seats the hide under the table.you can fit even more then 12if you get spare chairs. now next to the dining table along the wall is a stoarage most likely to be used for cookware. there is a tv mounted on the wall where telepresence can be setup. i only put 1 plant for now but there still is space to fit a few more.in the other corner across from the dining room is the master bedroom. there is a large bed/wall unit that reveals the queen size bed.that allows you to save space when cleaning with a roomba or maybe you just want floor space in-case there are children present. there is a small sliding door that gives the room a private feel
 across is another room this time with a single bed/wall unit. that unit can be replaced with a bunk/wall unit.there is some storage space in the corner of that room for guests.next to the from door is a storage unit to store coats and shoes. next to that is a simple bathroom with a stand up shower.across from the front door is a storage unit to store more things. you can fit some art on that wall. behind that is a small walk in closet to store your bikes, tools and what ever you want. the office is located
 between both bedrooms. one wall can be used to post photos and ideas while the other side can have storage units to store important documents. every storage unit in that area has a key lock to keep people out of your personal documents.

i included a rough perspective drawing of how the kitchen area might function

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