NY Loft
Loft with sliding walls to change spaces and hidden storages.


With the idea of creating spaces with different functions, i designed this loft.

- The main bedroom can be opened or closed by pushing the sliding doors.  DUring the day it can become a home office or a tv room depending on wich furniture the owner preffers. It is elevated from the floor so we can create a storage under the bed where the client can put all the tools he neeeds.
- The living room is a huge "foutton" where all the guests can seat (up to 6 people). The foutton was chosen because the client doesn't let shoes come inside his house and the it matches perfectly with his needs and way of living.
Under the foutton there are hidden seats that can be used for 4 more guests in the house. By pulling these poufs you create another table.
When necessary, the sliding doors are closed and you have a private bedroom for the guests.
- The bathroom can be used by 3 people  at the same time because it is divided in 3 "bays" - Shower / sink / toilet. It is also close to the closet and when the client needs, he can close this area and create a big space for shower and changing clothes.
The folding dinning table in the midlle of the apartment, makes it seems bigger because there are no walls. A small wall with a mirror divides the dinning room from the bathroom, closet and home office, giving the client some privacy when needed.
The kitchen is big enough to fit all that the client asked and is completely hideable by a sliding door.
Different áaeas can be formed by by sliding the doors and folding and unfolding the furniture.

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