Come in!
I designed an apartment which is modern, ecological and comfortable.


My main concern was to create as much open space as possible and to use the natural light from all four windows.

The floor plan allows parallel usage of different functions which can be changed with a minimal effort.

I use white as the main colour, which reflects the light � the whole room seems brighter overall. The combination with warm wood creates a cozy ambience. Glass elements support the brightness of the room.

The living area is in the center of the room. It consists of the Resource Furniture sofa/wall bed SWING and benches with storage which are lockable in position. These elements can be used for various situations. The benches can be used for lounge tables or with some cushions for comfortable sitting accommodation. They can also be used for a business meeting or a dinner for up to 12 persons.

The extending table adjusts to any situation (dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 m, extended: 2.4 x 1.2 m).

The rotating 31" monitor also adjusts to any situation. It stands on a rotating construction with a back panel and can be hidden by a 180° rotation.

There are 6 Amina in-wall speakers which are hidden in the ceiling.

A cabinet, which comprises the home office and storage space, creates a visual (not spatial) separation between the business area and the living area. The home office is situated next to the window. It offers a view out of the window.

I use the Resource Furniture space-saving home office. When rotated by 180°, the 31" monitor can also be used for work.

As an option I show a standup desk.

The guest area contains two mattresses. If placed on top of one another they create a single guest bed, or a comfortable brainstorm area. Side by side they can accommodate two guests.

When not in use, the mattresses are hidden behind a roller shutter-like cabinet.

The guest area can be closed with a sliding door. The door is as high as the room, creating acoustic as well as visual separation.

The kitchen meets all requirements Graham needs.
A sliding worktop offers additional work space. The faucet is equipped with a flow reducer.

The kitchen can be hidden with a sliding door. To use the natural light, the door is made of glass.

Bathroom/steam room:
The bathroom is tiled. There is a toilet with an economic flush, sink, and shower. The sink and shower use the same valve. The faucet is also equipped with a flow reducer.

The upper area of the bathroom wall is also made of printed glass � so even the daylight from the bathroom window can penetrate into the living area.

I thought about a "Vertical Garden System". This is a module with plants, water catchment/reservoir and automated watering system. I think it looks great! See, for example:

I suggest an underfloor heating in combination with heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

A HRV system is way of maintaining heat levels with your room and minimising energy loss whilst providing fresh ventilation from outside. This reduces your utility bills by reusing warm air in the winter and reusing cool air in the summer. If you live in a climate that has extremes of temperature over the seasons, it can be highly cost effective.

HRVs work by heat exchangers which transfer heat from exhaust air and use it to heat the air that is drawn in from the outside. An ERV system operates exactly as a HRV system however it also draws moisture out of your interior. The moisture is drawn out of the warm air coming into your home and is then transferred into the exhaust air, allowing it to escape outside. Up to 80% of energy can be recovered using one of these mechanical ventilation systems.

I suggest the VENMAR Constructo 1.0 ERV. It is a space saving system.

An ingenious air exchange solution that�s as versatile as it is compact
Configured with factory built vertical or horizontal ports, the Constructo 1.0 can fit almost anywhere.

Tucked in a bulkhead or closet, it�s the most versatile 100 CFM unit available on the market today.

This compact, lightweight, and powerful unit is the ideal choice for small pre-fab and tract houses and other limited space applications.

What�s more, it is the only air exchanger of its size that can be transformed from an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to an Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), simply by changing its core.

Available : in Canada & USA

I suggest the extra flat underfloor heating PURMO clickjet S
With a height of only 20 mm, the system can subsequently integrated into almos every room.


+ The flooring is made of RECLAIMED TIMBER
- this is the most effective use of timber resources with the least effects on the natural environment
- some processing will be needed for recycled timber, however this is minimal compared to virgin timber manufacturing
- an efficient use of natural resources that turns a waste product into a sought after material.
- 100% biodegradable and fully recycled
- reclaimed and second hand timber is 100% recycled
- old forest timber is generally denser and more durable than new timber as the grain is very tight
- scrap and waste timber is widely available.

+ Eco reclaimed timber finish: Natural oil
- natural oil made from nuts and seeds such as linseed, soya, coumarone resin and tung oil - all of these renewable, sustainable materials are readily available
- Transparent finishes are naturally oil-based making them water-repellent
- Suitable for timber flooring and heavier wear areas as the oils are durable
- Flooring oil doesn�t contain biocides or preservatives
- Natural oils are microporous allowing timber to breathe and the oils prevent timber from becoming too dry
- once the wood has been penetrated with oil, it will not flake, peel or blister

Eco paints for walls and furniture:
+ The extraction of natural raw materials such as vegetable and protein based paints do not have a negative effect on the surrounding natural environment

+ Eco paints do not use petroleum based chemicals in the mix which helps reduce the demand for this toxic non renewable resource

+ The manufacture of eco paints removes the need for high levels of multiple processing stages and any waste that is created is biodegradable
+ Overall eco paints have vastly lower levels of embodied energy than synthetic choices

+ The benefits of eco paints are clear; a healthy interior for you to live in with the reduced risk of developing illnesses and conditions from the release of chemical vapours and VOCs such as allergies and asthma

+ Eco paints are 100% biodegradable and do not need to be securely stored in containers or disposed of in specialist facilities

+ Eco paints allow the walls, ceiling and woodwork surfaces to breathe, which increases the lifespan of wall materials and reduces trapped moisture and humidity.

Straw boards for internal walls, doors and furniture:
+ straw board is the alternative material for medium density fibreboard (MDF) and timber fibre particle board
- Highly suitable for laminate surfacing, painting and staining
- Lighter in weight than wood fibre particleboard
- Easy to transport
- Better moisture resistance than wood fibre particleboard
- High level of fixing retention (nails and screws)
- Zero formaldehyde used in production as the binding agent
- Use of this product reduces the need for timber fibres
- Suited to the same machining methods as wood fibre particleboard
- Lower embodied energy than particleboard
- Lower amount of emissions created during production
- Lighter weight means less energy used for transportation per kilogramme

Kirei board as an eye-catching eco material for the big table: (pictures follow)
+ Kirei board is made from the stalks of the Sorghum plant, a globally grown grain
- The stalks are pressurised with heat and a non toxic adhesive
- Lightweight and strong
- Warp resistant
- Workable like timber
- Can be coated with water-based finishes
- The production process is classed as low energy � little waste, waste water or emissions
- Manufactured with a water based adhesive, formaldehyde free and has zero VOCs
- 100% reclaimed agricultural fibre
- 100% recyclable
- 100% biodegradable

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